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Empowering Entrepreneurship: Sumic IT Solutions' Journey with ESOs

Sumic IT Solutions owes a significant part of its success to the invaluable support and guidance provided by Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs). These organizations have been the wind beneath our wings, offering essential services like business development, incubation, mentorship, and access to co-working spaces. Our entrepreneurial journey has been greatly enriched by these partnerships.

MUBS Entrepreneurship Innovation & Incubation Centre (MUBS EIIC)

The MUBS Entrepreneurship Innovation & Incubation Centre (MUBS EIIC) holds a special place in our history as a company. It played a pivotal role during our inception, nurturing our ideas and fostering our growth.

This incubation center, affiliated with Makerere University Business School (MUBS), provided us with a nurturing environment where our vision could take root and flourish.

Through MUBS EIIC, we gained access to state-of-the-art facilities, participated in enriching business development workshops, and received mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts. It was the bedrock upon which we built our foundation for success.

National ICT Innovation Hub Nakawa

As we expanded and evolved, the National ICT Innovation Hub Nakawa became an essential partner in our entrepreneurial journey. This hub, dedicated to fostering ICT innovation and entrepreneurship, offered us a vibrant ecosystem for networking and growth.

Through the hub’s initiatives and networking events, we forged valuable collaborations, accessed funding opportunities, and stayed at the forefront of the ever-evolving tech industry. The National ICT Innovation Hub Nakawa played a crucial role in accelerating our innovation and scaling efforts.

Ministry of ICT & National Guidance

The Ministry of ICT & National Guidance has been a steadfast supporter of our scaling endeavors. Their commitment to promoting and regulating the ICT sector in Uganda has created a conducive environment for tech startups like ours to thrive.

Through various government initiatives and programs, we’ve accessed grants, incentives, and policy guidance that have helped us overcome challenges and seize new opportunities in the dynamic technology landscape.

Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU)

In addition to our journey with these remarkable organizations, the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) emerged as a pivotal force in building our company’s resilience. In collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, PSFU implemented the COVID-19 Economic Recovery and Resilience Program (CERRRP). This initiative complemented the Government of Uganda’s efforts in controlling the spread of COVID-19 and supporting the development of the National Strategy for Private Sector Development (NSPSD II).

Through CERRRP, Sumic IT Solutions secured its first seed funding, a milestone we cherish deeply. Private Sector Foundation Uganda and The Mastercard Foundation played instrumental roles in funding essential activities, including marketing and promotion for Sumic Online (our E-Commerce Platform), staff training and skills enhancement, and crucial business legal support. These initiatives have been instrumental in our continued growth and success.

Sumic IT Solutions recognizes and appreciates the unwavering support of these Entrepreneurship Support Organizations. Together, we have not only shaped our own success story but have contributed to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Uganda.

We are committed to our mission of driving innovation and excellence in the IT sector, and we look forward to continued collaboration with these ESOs as we collectively shape the future of technology and entrepreneurship in our nation.

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