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Sumic IT Solutions Clinches Double Victory at Startup Uganda Awards 2022 During Uganda Innovation Week

Uganda's Premier Startup Event Witnesses Sumic IT Solutions Triumph in Tech and Overall Categories

In a notable showcase of innovation and entrepreneurship, Uganda hosted the annual Innovation Week from Tuesday, November 22nd to Thursday, November 24th, 2022. The event, orchestrated by Startup Uganda, aimed to unite the nation’s burgeoning startup landscape. A remarkable highlight of the week was the prestigious Startup Uganda Awards 2022, where Sumic IT Solutions achieved a remarkable feat. The distinguished company secured victory in not one, but two significant categories: ‘Startup Of The Year In Tech’ and ‘Startup Of the Year Overall’.

The inception of Uganda Innovation Week in 2019 marked a pivotal moment for fostering collaboration within the startup ecosystem. Organized by Startup Uganda, a collective of Entrepreneurial Support Organisations, the event has consistently fostered connections between startups, visionaries, potential investors, and both public and private sector partners. With the promise of enhanced inclusivity, broader outreach, and a nationwide movement, this year’s edition holds the potential to amplify the impact of innovation across the entire country.

Sumic IT Solutions Honored with Prestigious Global Recognition Award for Empowering SMEs and MSMEs Online

Sumic IT Solutions has been selected as the recipient of the esteemed Global Recognition Award in 2023, a testament to their unwavering commitment to fostering the growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the online landscape.

The company’s exceptional achievements and resolute dedication to delivering accessible and sustainable technological solutions set them apart in their mission to drive self-reliance within the ecosystem.

Established in 2019, Sumic IT Solutions has achieved remarkable progress in software development, launching innovative products such as the Sumic Online e-commerce platform. This platform boasts over 500 active users each month and provides support for more than 30 vendors and suppliers.

Their relentless endeavors have resulted in the creation of digital solutions for over 50 enterprises across the African continent. This recognition goes beyond the current award, as they have previously garnered acclaim for their remarkable accomplishments within the tech industry.

In 2022, they secured the prestigious titles of “Startup of the Year in Tech” and “Startup of the Year Overall” at the Uganda Innovation Week, an event orchestrated by Startup Uganda. Their visionary approach and groundbreaking innovations also attracted seed funding from esteemed organizations like the Private Sector Foundation Uganda and Mastercard Foundation, resulting in an impressive grant of $7,000. As pioneers in digital transformation solutions, Sumic IT Solutions aims to redefine the online shopping experience within Africa.

Their unique online marketplace, Sumic Online, empowers vendors to showcase their products while delivering an exceptional shopping platform for consumers. The exceptional achievements of Sumic IT Solutions are evident, having achieved registration with the Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB) in 2019. They have forged partnerships with esteemed entities like PSFU on the CERRRP Project, the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, and secured a co-working space at the National ICT Innovation HUB.

Noteworthy customer satisfaction is also a hallmark, with over 15,000 contented clients benefiting from both Sumic IT Solutions’ services and their Sumic Online e-commerce platform. Their accomplishments position them alongside industry leaders including Loft Technologies, Javanet Systems, Jentroy Uganda, Roby Link Solutions, and Jumia.

It brings us immense joy to present Sumic IT Solutions with the Global Recognition Award. Through their unwavering dedication, expertise, and fervor for crafting innovative technological solutions tailored for the African market, they continue to pave the way for the future of e-commerce and digital transformation. (Source: Global Recognition Awards)

Celebrating Entrepreneurial Excellence: Cirus Sumika, Sumic IT Solutions CEO, Nominated for FOYA 2023 Africa Techpreneur Award

FOYA 2023 Africa: Recognizing Exceptional Entrepreneurs Shaping Africa’s Future

Dedicated to acknowledging and commending the contributions of young founders propelling African development, while simultaneously fostering sustainable job creation and igniting a spirit of entrepreneurship, the Founder Of The Year Awards (FOYA) stands as a beacon of recognition.

The FOYA Awards, an annual ceremony inaugurated in November 2016, serves a strategic mission of retaining, rewarding, and honoring top-tier SMEs, whose impact resonates deeply within the entrepreneurial landscape.

FOYA 2023 Africa Recognizes Visionary Young Founders Driving African Development and Inspiring Entrepreneurship

Sumic IT Solutions is elated to share that Cirus Sumika, our esteemed Team Lead and CEO, has earned a prestigious nomination as the Techpreneur of the Year 2023, proudly representing Uganda. This nomination is a testament to Cirus Sumika’s dedication, vision, and innovative spirit, which have propelled Sumic IT Solutions to the forefront of transformative tech solutions. Through his outstanding leadership, Sumic IT Solutions continues to spearhead advancements that resonate far beyond the technological realm.

In this celebration of entrepreneurial excellence, we witness the convergence of ambition and achievement, as FOYA 2023 Africa embraces remarkable individuals who exemplify the power of innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship. With Cirus Sumika’s nomination, we proudly acknowledge his contribution to Uganda’s technological landscape and the broader narrative of Africa’s progress.

National Televisions and Radio Broadcasts

Sumic IT Solutions CEO Inspires Youth at 17th MUBS Annual Entrepreneurship Conference 2022

Sumic IT Solutions CEO, Cirus Sumika, took the stage as a distinguished guest at the 17th MUBS Annual Entrepreneurship Conference 2022, held under the theme “Entrepreneurship and Poverty After the Coronavirus Pandemic.”

Addressing a captivated audience, Cirus Sumika shared insightful counsel with the young attendees, urging them to harness the knowledge gained through their educational journeys and seamlessly integrate it with modern technology. This symbiotic fusion, he emphasized, has the potential to unlock groundbreaking opportunities and propel them toward success.

Empowering Youth for Post-Pandemic Prosperity through Entrepreneurship

In his motivational address, he passionately advocated for a paradigm shift among the youth, encouraging them to embrace their inner entrepreneurial spirit. Rather than seeking traditional job roles, Cirus Sumika passionately encouraged the youth to carve their paths, pioneering ventures that not only empower them but also contribute to job creation within their communities.

This inspiring message resonated far and wide, echoed by the airwaves of the National Local Radio Simba, broadcasting Cirus Sumika’s words of wisdom to a broader audience. His vision and guidance continue to ignite the flames of entrepreneurial ambition, setting the stage for a generation that embraces innovation and self-driven success.

Elevating the Nation from Poverty through Innovation

🎙️ During a conversation with journalists, Cirus Sumika, the CEO of Sumic IT Solutions, urged the government to maintain its support for innovative minds, as these efforts not only foster economic expansion but also generate additional employment prospects. Cirus additionally underscored the positive influence and outcomes stemming from responsible internet utilization.

The narrative was covered by prominent Ugandan media outlets, including Uganda National UBC TV, Star TV, and Star FM Radio.

Unlocking Prosperity: CEO Cirus Sumika Envisions Innovation as the Key to Unleash Employment Potential

Empowering the Nation’s Workforce: Innovations as a Solution to Unemployment ~ Insights from CEO Cirus Sumika of Sumic IT Solutions during an Interview with UBC Journalists at the National ICT Innovation Hub.

In a compelling discussion held within the premises of the National ICT Innovation Hub, CEO Cirus Sumika of Sumic IT Solutions highlighted the potential of innovation in addressing the prevalent issue of unemployment in the nation. With a clear vision, Cirus articulated how innovative initiatives can effectively bridge the gap in unemployment, providing a promising pathway towards a more robust and sustainable job market.

During the exclusive interview with UBC journalists, Cirus Sumika passionately conveyed the transformative power of innovation, underlining its ability to not only create new economic opportunities but also enhance the skillset of the workforce. As he navigated through the intricate landscape of unemployment challenges, he emphasized the critical role that embracing innovation can play in nurturing a workforce that is adaptable, competitive, and equipped to thrive in the evolving job landscape.

The interview, conducted within the inspiring backdrop of the National ICT Innovation Hub, resonated with Cirus’s call for collaborative efforts between the private sector, government, and educational institutions. He stressed the need for a holistic approach to foster an ecosystem that encourages and supports innovation at every level. This, he believes, will not only empower individuals but also drive economic growth, ultimately contributing to a brighter future for the nation.

Cirus Sumika’s insights, shared in this interview with UBC journalists, shed light on the transformative potential of innovation as a means to bridge the unemployment gap and pave the way for a more prosperous and dynamic nation.

Empowering Uganda's Digital Future: CEO Cirus Sumika Champions Affordable Internet Access Advocacy

Advocating for Affordable Internet Access: CEO Cirus Sumika of Sumic IT Solutions Urges Ugandan Government to Address Internet Costs.

In a recent radio interview on Radio 4 Uganda, Cirus Sumika, the esteemed CEO of Sumic IT Solutions, voiced a pressing concern regarding the accessibility and affordability of internet services in Uganda. Recognizing the pivotal role that the internet plays in today’s digitally connected world, Cirus Sumika made a compelling case for the Ugandan government to take proactive measures in reducing internet costs.

During his informative discussion, Cirus Sumika highlighted the transformative potential of the internet in driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and enabling access to valuable information. However, he underscored that the high costs associated with internet services are acting as a barrier, limiting the broader population’s ability to leverage its benefits fully.

Cirus Sumika’s call to action stems from his deep-rooted belief in the power of connectivity to catalyze progress. He emphasized that by making the internet more affordable and accessible, the government can empower individuals, businesses, and communities across Uganda to participate actively in the digital economy. This, in turn, has the potential to spur entrepreneurship, expand educational opportunities, and enhance overall quality of life.

As CEO of Sumic IT Solutions, a company known for its commitment to technological advancement and innovation, Cirus Sumika’s plea resonates with a comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape. He envisions a future where every Ugandan can harness the benefits of the internet without being constrained by financial barriers.

This advocacy aligns with Sumic IT Solutions’ overarching mission to leverage technology for positive societal impact. By bringing attention to the issue of internet affordability, Cirus Sumika not only champions a vital cause but also sets an example for corporate responsibility and leadership.

Sumic IT Solutions stands firmly behind Cirus Sumika’s call for action. As an entity deeply immersed in technological solutions, the company supports initiatives aimed at creating an environment where access to the internet is equitable and attainable for all.

Cirus Sumika’s insights on this critical matter reflect not only his expertise in the tech industry but also his dedication to driving change. Through his words and actions, he demonstrates that affordable internet access is not just a matter of convenience, but a stepping stone towards a more inclusive, empowered, and prosperous Ugandan society.

Empowering Job Creation Through Education and Innovation: Cirus Sumika's Vision for Uganda's Future

Fostering Job Creation: A Vision of Promotion, Enablement, and Empowerment ~ Insights from Tech Entrepreneur Cirus Sumika, Group CEO of Sumic IT Solutions

In a recent conversation with Star ⭐ FM Radio, the distinguished Ugandan international tech entrepreneur, Cirus Sumika, CEO of Sumic IT Solutions, shared his forward-looking perspective on driving job creation. With a deep commitment to the growth of the nation, Cirus Sumika advocated for a multi-faceted approach that not only promotes but also enables and empowers job opportunities across Uganda.

Cirus Sumika’s visionary discussion echoed the sentiment that job creation is not merely a consequence but an outcome of strategic actions. He fervently called upon the government, specifically through the Ministry of Education & Sports, to place a significant emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation within higher education institutions. By integrating these critical aspects into the academic curriculum, the nation can nurture a new generation of youth, students, and graduates who are not only job seekers but job creators.

Drawing from his own journey as a tech entrepreneur, Cirus Sumika highlighted that promoting entrepreneurship and innovation at the educational level lays a strong foundation for cultivating a culture of self-reliance and innovation. By equipping individuals with the skills to identify opportunities, take calculated risks, and develop innovative solutions, the education system can become a dynamic force in shaping a workforce that contributes to economic growth.

Cirus Sumika’s insights underscored the importance of holistic empowerment. He stressed that education should go beyond traditional textbook learning and encompass real-world experiences and practical exposure to business dynamics. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, educational institutions can empower students with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the professional world with confidence.

The call to action put forth by Cirus Sumika aligns seamlessly with Sumic IT Solutions’ ethos of technological advancement and societal impact. The company’s commitment to innovation resonates with his vision for an education system that nurtures innovators and changemakers, driving job creation from within.

Cirus Sumika’s words carry the weight of experience and passion for progress. His advocacy for entrepreneurship and innovation in higher education institutions reflects his understanding that this approach doesn’t just secure jobs for the future; it cultivates a thriving ecosystem where individuals become catalysts for positive change.

In embracing Cirus Sumika’s recommendations, the Ugandan government can lay the groundwork for a prosperous future, one in which the youth, students, and graduates become pioneers in driving job creation, economic development, and innovation. Through concerted efforts and collaborative initiatives, this vision can shape a new narrative for Uganda’s growth and transformation.

Cirus Sumika, Widely Recognized as Mr. Sumic, Extends Inspirational Impact through Diverse Talk Shows

With a reputation that precedes him, Cirus Sumika, affectionately known as Mr. Sumic, has become a sought-after figure on various talk shows, where he serves as a compelling public speaker. His influence as a thought leader and innovator has resonated profoundly, particularly among the younger generation, motivating them to embark on their innovation journeys. Among the prominent platforms he has graced, one noteworthy occasion was his appearance on the talk show “Sekanolya,” hosted by Station 87.5 Star FM.

Themed “Technology in Uganda: Empowering the Youth to Create Jobs,” the Sekanolya program provided an insightful stage for Cirus Sumika, CEO of Sumic IT Solutions, to share his transformative insights. His guest appearance was marked by his distinctive ability to communicate complex concepts in an accessible manner, making technology and innovation relevant and inspiring to the wider audience.

The chosen theme encapsulated the essence of Cirus Sumika’s mission — leveraging technology to equip the youth with the tools they need to not only navigate the digital landscape but also to actively contribute to job creation. His discourse during the program echoed his dedication to steering the nation’s youth towards empowerment through technological proficiency and entrepreneurial mindset.

Cirus Sumika’s appearance on “Sekanolya” underscored his commitment to championing the potential of technology as a catalyst for positive change. By addressing the critical connection between technology, youth empowerment, and job creation, he positioned himself as a bridge between visionary concepts and actionable steps.

Station 87.5 Star FM played host to this enlightening conversation, where Cirus Sumika seamlessly blended his expertise with the host’s engaging inquiries. As the CEO of Sumic IT Solutions, he brought a wealth of real-world experience and industry insights, which he seamlessly integrated into relatable narratives that resonated with aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs.

The culmination of Cirus Sumika’s appearance on the “Sekanolya” program solidified his role as a driving force in Uganda’s innovation landscape. Through this and other talk show engagements, he continues to contribute to a collective shift in mindset — one that sees technology not only as a tool but also as a pathway for the youth to actively participate in shaping their own futures by generating employment opportunities.

In essence, Cirus Sumika’s journey as a speaker stands as a testament to his commitment to effecting positive change through knowledge-sharing and advocacy. By inspiring the youth to harness their potential through technology and innovation, he positions Uganda on a trajectory of growth, development, and sustainable progress.

Biva Muntuuyo: Exploring Entrepreneurship with Cirus Sumika

“Biva Muntuuyo” — a compelling entrepreneurship program broadcasted on the local national radio station 87.5 Star FM in Uganda — aptly translates to “Coming from the sweat” or “Hard work.” In this enriching radio show, Cirus Sumika takes the spotlight, sharing a narrative that encapsulates the journey from humble beginnings to the soaring heights of the Sumic Label, a global entity comprising various Sumic Brands.

Amidst the airwaves of “Biva Muntuuyo,” Cirus Sumika’s voice resonates with an inspiring tale of triumph. He delves into the inception of the Sumic Brand, tracing its roots back to the days of Makerere University Business School ~ Nakawa, where he and his colleagues sowed the seeds of an idea that would later flourish into an international empire.

The conversation continues as Cirus Sumika vividly recounts the challenges they faced during their initial steps, juxtaposed with the strategic decisions that paved the way for their impressive growth. With candor, he shares insights on their financial journey, narrating how they sourced the capital to lay the foundation for their burgeoning enterprise. He further expands on their impressive portfolio, disclosing their expertise in crafting cutting-edge technologies not only for domestic companies but also for international clientele, a testament to their prowess and reputation.

Cirus Sumika, affectionately known as Mr. Sumic, extends his wisdom beyond their journey, suggesting a strategy that could potentially propel the entrepreneurial ecosystem forward. He advocates for a university fund dedicated to nurturing startups that emerge from academic institutions. This fund, he proposes, would empower startup founders to fortify their ventures, ensuring their longevity and growth. With this, he envisions a dynamic strategy for not only fostering resilience but also generating employment opportunities on a broader scale, both in Uganda and across Africa.

“Biva Muntuuyo” serves as an illuminating platform for individuals to glean wisdom from Cirus Sumika’s experiences and insights. Through his story, listeners are invited to witness the transformative power of dedication, innovation, and hard work — principles that propelled the Sumic Label from its modest origins to a thriving global presence.

This radio show appearance captures the essence of Cirus Sumika’s commitment to sharing knowledge, inspiring future entrepreneurs, and contributing to the advancement of the entrepreneurial landscape in Uganda. His words stand as a beacon of encouragement, guiding aspiring innovators on a journey where sweat and determination pave the path to success.

Championing Gender Equality: Bridging the Digital Divide on International Women’s Day 2023

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable theme of “DigitALL Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality.” In a world that is progressively driven by digital innovation, it’s essential to acknowledge and celebrate the indispensable contributions women have made to this dynamic landscape. From the earliest days of computing to the era of virtual reality and artificial intelligence that we now inhabit, women have left an indelible mark on the digital realm, despite the historical odds stacked against them.

Throughout history, women have navigated challenges and overcome barriers in a field that hasn’t always been welcoming or inclusive. From pioneering programmers to contemporary tech leaders, women’s accomplishments have been a testament to their unwavering dedication, resilience, and the sheer force of their intellect. These achievements, spanning generations, have paved the way for a more diverse and inclusive tech industry, breaking down stereotypes and carving out a space for women in an arena that once seemed exclusive.

Recently, in a compelling dialogue on National Local Star FM Radio (87.5), Sumic Women In Tech took center stage. Amidst discussions that touched upon the unique challenges women face in the digital economy, they delivered an empowering message: a call to all women to unapologetically occupy spaces within the digital landscape. This rallying cry encapsulates the spirit of progress, inviting women to seize opportunities, shatter glass ceilings, and contribute their talents to the forefront of technological advancement.

The advice given by Sumic Women In Tech serves as both an affirmation and an aspiration. It reminds women that they belong in the digital economy, and their presence is instrumental in shaping its trajectory. Through their collective voices, they encourage women to break free from constraints, be it societal expectations or systemic biases, and forge ahead as trailblazers in the tech sphere.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we reiterate our commitment to fostering an environment where gender equality thrives. We champion the elevation of women’s voices, ideas, and contributions, recognizing that the path to true progress is paved with diversity. By embracing women’s perspectives and expertise, we enrich the digital landscape with innovation that transcends boundaries and empowers us all.

This International Women’s Day, let us come together to honor the indomitable spirit of women in technology, celebrating their triumphs, acknowledging their struggles, and affirming our shared determination to bridge the gender gap in the digital world. Through collaboration, advocacy, and unwavering support, we pave the way for a future where innovation knows no gender and where everyone can thrive, unencumbered by limitations.

"The Path of Innovation: Navigating the Sumic Journey (Sumic IT Solutions, Sumic Online, Sumic Group)

Join us on an illuminating voyage through the Sumic Innovation Journey, a captivating narrative that unfolds across Sumic IT Solutions, Sumic Online, and the expansive Sumic Group. This enthralling expedition is extensively showcased in our dedicated innovation journey video on YouTube.

⏺️ How It All Began: Embark on a journey to the genesis of our innovation narrative. Discover the inception moments, the sparks that ignited the Sumic journey, and the visionaries who dared to dream big.

⏺️ Progress in Motion: Witness the wheels of progress in perpetual motion. Traverse the milestones, the evolution of concepts into realities, and the dedication that has propelled us forward.

⏺️ Marking Our Achievements: Delve into a catalogue of achievements that resonate with dedication and expertise. Uncover the projects that have not only come to life but have also made a tangible impact in the digital realm.

⏺️ Celebrating Victories: Immerse yourself in a celebration of triumphs. Reflect on the accomplishments that stand as testaments to resilience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

⏺️ Gazing into the Future: Cast your gaze into the horizon of possibilities. Explore our aspirations for the next five years, envisioning a landscape where innovation thrives and new frontiers are conquered.

⏺️ Traction and Momentum: Gain insights into the traction we’ve garnered along this journey. Explore the networks, collaborations, and connections that have propelled us to new heights.

⏺️ A Message to Entrepreneurs: To the dreamers, visionaries, and trailblazers, we extend a heartfelt message. Draw inspiration from our journey and embrace the challenges with tenacity and passion.

Watch ▶️ this captivating journey unfold on our YouTube channel. Share this transformative narrative to ignite the spark of innovation in the hearts of young entrepreneurs everywhere. Enable the future by enabling their dreams.

While you’re at it, make sure to explore our online hubs: and These platforms serve as testaments to our commitment to innovation, technology, and the pursuit of excellence.

The Sumic Innovation Journey is a testament to our dedication, passion, and belief in the power of innovation to shape a better tomorrow. Join us in celebrating progress, embracing challenges, and championing the spirit of entrepreneurship.

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MUBS 17th Annual Entrepreneurship Conference Magazine.

Advocating for Tax Relief: CEO Cirus Sumika of Sumic IT Solutions Appeals to Government

🎙️ Amidst discussions with journalists in Kampala, CEO Cirus Sumika of Sumic IT Solutions passionately calls upon the government to consider reducing taxes for innovators. As the parliamentary approval for Uganda’s FY 2023-2024 budget approaches, Cirus Sumika emphasizes the pivotal role innovators play in driving economic growth and urges for their recognition and support.

✍️ Renowned as an influential figure in international business circles, Mr. Sumic, the Ugandan International Business Magnate, extends his call by advocating for responsible internet usage. With a keen eye on the opportunities presented by the digital realm, he encourages internet users to harness its potential for positive gains, particularly when approached with wisdom and foresight.

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