Sumic Partnerships

Empowering Growth Through Collaboration

Welcome to Sumic IT Solutions’ strategic partnerships page, where we proudly highlight our significant collaborations that have propelled us to new heights in the world of technology and innovation. Our commitment to excellence and mutual growth has led us to form partnerships that are truly transformative. Read on to discover the remarkable journey we’ve embarked upon with our valued partners.

Netherlands Trust Fund Phase V - Fast Track Tech

Milestone Achievement: Beneficiary of NTF V Fast Track Tech

We’re thrilled to share a significant achievement in our journey – Sumic IT Solutions has been selected as one of the seven beneficiary companies for the Netherlands Trust Fund Phase V (NTF V) Fast Track Tech program. This partnership, established between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands and the International Trade Centre, focuses on supporting micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the digital technologies and agribusiness sectors. As part of this four-year collaboration, we’re set to drive innovation and growth not only for ourselves but for the entire sector in Uganda and beyond.

Strategic Partnership with Softqube Technologies

Collaboration for Innovation: A New Chapter Begins

We’re excited to announce a transformative partnership between Sumic IT Solutions and Softqube Technologies. This collaboration signifies the merging of two visionary organizations to create a synergy that will revolutionize the IT landscape. Through a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), we’re uniting our strengths and expertise to bring about groundbreaking solutions and exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.

Our Vision: Unlocking Possibilities Together

At Sumic IT Solutions and Softqube Technologies, we firmly believe that collaboration paves the way for limitless possibilities. By harnessing our collective knowledge, resources, and skills, we’re committed to co-creating innovative IT solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our clients. This strategic partnership is not just a union of two entities; it’s a commitment to reshape industries and drive technological advancements.

A World of Opportunities Unveiled

This partnership opens doors to a world of opportunities for both organizations. Together, we embark on a journey of knowledge exchange, empowerment, and innovation. By pooling our talents and resources, we’re poised to achieve remarkable technological advancements that will transcend boundaries and leave a lasting impact.

Thank You for Inspiring Excellence

To our cherished clients and partners, your unwavering trust and support have paved the way for this remarkable collaboration. Your belief in our capabilities fuels our determination to break new ground in the world of IT solutions. We’re prepared to set new benchmarks and create a profound impact through our partnership with Softqube Technologies.

A Future of Possibilities

Stay tuned for exciting updates as we unveil the trailblazing projects and initiatives that will emerge from this collaboration. The future holds limitless potential, and we’re eager to take this transformative journey hand in hand with Softqube Technologies.

Join us in celebrating these remarkable partnerships that define Sumic IT Solutions’ commitment to excellence, innovation, and mutual growth. Together, we’re building a future where possibilities know no bounds.

Empowering Entrepreneurship: Sumic IT Solutions' Journey with ESOs

Sumic IT Solutions owes a significant part of its success to the invaluable support and guidance provided by Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs). These organizations have been the wind beneath our wings, offering essential services like business development, incubation, mentorship, and access to co-working spaces. Our entrepreneurial journey has been greatly enriched by these partnerships.

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